Nå er De Norske Kokkelandslagenes kokurransedager i Luxembourg klare. Begge våre lag skal konkurrere 1.ste dagen 24.november 2018. For våre lag betyr det at vi er med på å sette standard for hele konkurransen. I denne artikkelen kan du se hele konkurranseoppsettet til senior kokkelandslaget.

Kokkelandslaget senior skal først ut i HOT KITCHEN – RESTAUARNT OF NATIONS. Der skal de lage en tre retter meny til 110 gjester, servert på tallerken – som i en resturant. Menyen skal ha denne sammensetningen;

1st dish: a hot or mainly hot preparation of fish and/or shellfish and/or seafood with sides. The first dish must be predominantly hot (more than 50%).
2nd dish: a hot preparation of meat and/or poultry and/or venison with sides.
3rd dish: a dessert of different textures and temperatures.
tidspaln for gjennomføring av konkurransedagen
From 10.30am onwards there will be a briefing for the use of the kitchen equipment.
 From 11.30 to 11.55am there will be the ‘mise en place’ check by the jury.
 From 12.00 am onwards the kitchen will be cleared for work by the chairman of the jury or his representative.
From 6.00pm onwards the service starts.

Culinary art program – Buffet, tirsdag 27.november

Four (4) different kinds of finger food for six (6) people
Weight: between 10 g and 20 g each. To be eaten in one bite, should be served on porcelain, glass, cups, spoons, or any other appropriate service ware.Additional cutlery is not allowed.

Can be served with dipping sauce

Two (2) different kinds prepared cold and served cold

Two (2) different kinds prepared hot and served cold

One (1) plate a part with one (1) piece of each for presentation

One (1) cold festive/buffet platter for eight (8) people and one (1) plated to give the jury the optical effect of portion size. A festive/buffet platter consisting of:

three main items with one garnish for each main item

the end pieces to be placed on the platter close to the representing slices

the buffet platter has to be served with a salad and at least two (2) sauces or chutney on the side.

Salad is not a garnish and has to be served separate. A bowl/dish for serving salad/sauces/chutney must be presented a part

bread and butter will not be judged

Garnishes should not be mistaken for finger food

no plates, bowls or similar items are allowed on the platter.

the show platter must be displayed in a classic style (one unit)

Three (3) different starters for one (1) person

One (1) hot starter where all components has to be hot, displayed cold

Tow (2) cold starter where all components has to be cold, displayed cold

One (1) lacto-ovo vegetarian three-course lunch menu for one (1) person

starter cold or hot, presented cold

main course, prepared hot, presented cold

Five (5) Course Fine Dining Gastronomic Menu for one (1) Person

consisting of 5 courses (dessert included)

dessert include

Pastry art program – på samme Buffet, tirsdag 27.11

One (1) show piece (this piece will not be considered for the team results.) The show piece would be judged separately and the three best would be awarded.

height: min 60 cm and max 100 cm

the base is set at 40 x 60 cm but the entire piece may extend over the width of the base

free choice of subject

only use eatable food

the show piece should have at least three (3) different techniques

Four (4) different individual plated desserts for one (1) person

One (1) dessert with chocolate as the main ingredient

One (1) dessert with fruit as the main ingredient

Two (2) dessert of the team’s own choice

Display of sweet biscuits, chocolates, petits-fours or friandises

Four (4) different kinds for six (6) people = 24 pieces

Weight: 6-14 g a piece

Plus one (1) separate plate with one (1) of each for examination by the jury

No sculptures were required with the petits-fours or friandises

Her kan du lese alt om senior konkurransen;